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  • What is a full bleed?

    The answer can seem quite complicated at first, but we’re going to break it down to the simplest terms for you. Full bleed simply means that the graphics (i.e. artwork, solid color, images etc.) ‘bleed’ off the edge of the page. So, if you have a business card where an image runs to the edge of the page, you have a full bleed. In order to achieve this in printing, we need to have the background image extend beyond the final size of the print so we can cut it down to final size, resulting in a full bleed print.

    Print-ready full bleed files should be 1/4″ larger than the final size of the piece. For example, a full bleed business card that has a final size of 3 1/2″ x 2″ should be set-up at 3 3/4″ x 2 1/4″. Note that in the example below, the extra 1/8″ margin for bleed is only an extension of the background, no text or important information should be extended into the bleed area, as it will be cutoff. Also note that within the final size of the piece, there is another 1/8″ margin called the safety area. Any text or important information should be placed within the safety area, otherwise it is in danger of being cutoff or too close to the edge of the piece, resulting in undesirable output.

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    If I pay for a graphic design do I own the rights?

    When you pay us for a graphic design, you are paying to commission our designer to craft your message into a graphic form. Some pieces are designed for one-time-use, meaning that it will be printed once (i.e. a flyer for an upcoming event). Other pieces are intended for extended use, such as logos or company brochures. Technically, when you pay for a design, you are only paying for the time it takes to create the design, and not the rights for usage, although it is implied that the design will be printed or delivered depending on the nature of the work. Given all of these circumstances, the short answer is no, you do not own the rights to artwork created by Xerographic. We retain all rights to our artwork, and any outside usage (whether print, digital or otherwise) is prohibited without our permission.

    So what does that mean in simple terms? We can not release printable .pdfs to you, unless it is agreed to up-front and a fee has been paid for this service. We can not release “native files” (the files containing original artwork created for your materials), unless it is agreed to up-front and a fee has been paid. If a customer requires either printable files, native files, or digital format files after-the-fact, a fee will be incurred (this fee varies based on the nature of the work, longevity of the piece, etc.).

    In case you’re wondering, we do not withhold artwork because we do not want you to have it, or simply because it cuts us out of the printing process – our bread-and-butter. Professional printing is a complex process, and in order to ensure the integrity of artwork we create, it is best to keep the files in the hands of the print-house that created them.

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